BTC LEADS is a para-school program that seeks to change the atmosphere of the school for the better. And the only people who really have a heartbeat for the school and its climate are its students.


Therefore, BTC LEADS acts as an avenue to inspire positive change; a support system for its program participants; and a learning environment.

Within the program, students participate in weekly meetings that reinforce the necessary skills for greater mental health and social and emotional development, as well as gaining the opportunity for community and relationship.


BTC LEADS is an extensive program curated for grades 9-12. The program is delivered in weekly sessions, during the school day lunch period with free lunch provided. During 1-hour meetings over a 25-week period, participants are provided and engaged in 25 hours of curriculum and activities. The program content is focused on developing students’ emotional regulation, decision-making skills, interpersonal competencies, and positive future orientation.




25 x 1 hour sessions

2 Program Facilitators

30 Students 

Price $4,550


iMPOWER (pronounced “empower”) started as a result of the effectiveness of alternative programs serviced by Permian Basin Be the Change. Having a history record with a positive impact on the youth, but no programs specifically curated for Jr. High students (necessity is the mother of invention), iMPOWER would be conceived!


iMPOWER  is social and emotional learning program specifically for grades 7-8.  Participants of the program engage in a 12-session, bi-weekly, 1-hour meeting curriculum that reinforces competences such as: self-worth, effective communication, relationship development and making healthy and beneficial life decisions.




13 x 1 hour sessions

2 Program Facilitators

30 Students

Price $3,200