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Assist us in continuing our efforts to creating more wholesome students, more wholesome schools, and a positive shift in the culture of our youth today. 

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YOUR impact 

From something as simple as providing meals for our students during our workshops to funding the very programs that we service. Know that your dollar is contributing to the difference in a student's life. Know that your dollar is that one ripple that creates a compounding effect. Be part of the change and donate today. 

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At Be the Change our focus is to combat the mental health challenges facing our youth today. Rather than categorizing students in need, we empower them to transform their circumstances. By developing the social and emotional skills necessitated by our world today, we are able to facilitate real change in the following areas: Mental Health and Education. 

When you donate, its not just a financial contribution, it becomes an opportunity for a student's life to be entirely altered. 


Don't just listen to what we have to say, read what the students we service have to say. 

"Be the Change teached me how to be more open minded and just to simply spread love."

"Even on the darkest days, there are going to be bright days again. We just need to overcome situations."

"Be the change has made a huge impact on people's lives and brought a lot of positivity. It personally has made a positve impact on my life."

"My life has been changing for the better. A positive life style is the best life style and ever since I've joined Be the Change, it's made a positive impact on my life."

“After seeing that my classmates had been through a lot, I realized that people handle things differently.  I needed to change and not judge others. We go through so many events but are too busy [to process and heal]. Being a part of Be the Change lets teenagers know it’s okay to share their emotions and to reach out for help from others instead of keeping it to ourselves.”  

“Life can be hectic but if you take a moment and notice someone, you can help change their life forever...Five years ago, I never imagined I would be a college student.  Be the Change was a community of people supporting and encouraging me through high school and college.”