Our efforts to empower the students who participate in the programs we service cannot be done alone. Our community sponsors support and drive the very work we do. These inspiring individuals partner with Be the Change because they want to know their generosity is being used wisely, effectively and  in an impactful manner.  From the contributions we receive on behalf of our sponsors, we service better programs, more students, and together we make a difference. 


Work alongside us! Sponsor our programs or a fundraising project! Work with us to continue our mission of empowering students to be the change they desire to see in the world.


You aren't just making a commitment to our organization, but to the students we serve!

Your commitment is just as powerful as what we do! Your commitment is a contribution to impact; your committment is a contribution to change; your committment is the very reflection of Ghandi's words we believe we all resonate with: "Be the change you wish to see in the world". 


As a program sponsor, funding will assist us in providing our powerful and impactful programs to the high schools we service.


Your commitment will further our efforts of empowering the students we seek to serve. 

Assist us through sponsoring a fundraising project. 

We are are changemakers, just like you!​

The support of our fundraisers allows us to continue our mission!